Monday, April 2, 2012

I saw The Hunger Games when it first hit theaters. And tonight my roommates insisted we go see it again. There were many new things I noticed this time that I failed to notice the first time.
No, I'm not going to tell you what I hated about it, but I will tell you about one thing I absolutely loved.

Effie Trinket's nails.

Now, I love a good manicure. I love a bad one as well, but good ones are preferred.
I live my life by a set of rules, one of them being "Keep your nails neat and pretty." Which means they can be colorful, fake, shiny, matte, whatever as long as they are all the same length, not broken, and have nicely kept cuticles.
Don't even get me started on my boyfriends nightmare cuticles. (Just kidding!)

Since I live my life by those terms most people know me as the girl with the crazy nails, and boy I do love crazy nail art.
However, Effie's nails in The Hunger Games were a lot simpler than what usually catches my eye. Given, the rest of her make up and outfit made up for the lack of pizzaz on her fingernails.

After spending an hour or so googling her nails, I discovered that the look she has at "The Reaping" scene is a very popular nail look.

Effie's nails at The Reaping

So, naturally, I decided to give them a try!

Its a very simple look, which I really like. I feel I can wear them around and wont be as noticeably nerdy as normal.
And its a very easy paint job.

For this look I only used two nail polishes.

OPI for Sephora "I Only Shop Vintage"
OPI's "Pink Flamenco"
First I took the "Pink Flamenco" color and painted from the cuticle of my nail to about the middle. I did this for two coats because I apply it very thinly so that it doesn't get runny.
After I let that dry, I took the bronze color and painted from the tip of my nail down and a little on top of the pink.
This color is very transparent which is good for this project. Every coat I did of it I started at the top and went down a little less far. That way the color still was vibrant at the tip, yet had a gradient feel when it was finished!

And voila! 
Fabulous Capitol worthy nails that are flamboyantly girly, yet subtle enough to wear to, oh I don't know, your 10 AM lecture tomorrow.

Loren ♥

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