Sunday, September 16, 2012

CA: Cosplayers Anon

I'm beginning to think I might have a problem.
In case it wasn't painfully obvious, I really like cosplaying, and I really like the webcomic Homestuck.

With that said, I'm convinced I need to either find or create a "Cosplayers Anonymous," because my constant desire to cosplay everything I see is getting out of control.
I am starting to worry about my need to dress up like characters because 1.) its taking a huge chunk out of my time and bank account, and 2.) I literally pounce on any new character I see.

Let me explain; for those of you who read my blog and also read Homestuck, you'll know (assuming you're up to date on it) that a week or so back Andrew Hussie (the creator/writer) made an update that was an interactive flash where you met the ancestors of some of the alien characters.
Here we meet the ancestor to one of my favorite characters, this new girl is named Latula. Instantly I fell in love with her design and, guess what, decided to cosplay her.

Here she is! So r4d ;]

I actually had to pause the game, I was just too excited about the idea of dressing up as her. I immediately set out in search of a wig, and like that, all my money started going out the window.

Do you see why this is beginning to be a problem?

On the brighter side, I'm actually pretty glad I did decide to cosplay her. I got a really great wig, and these rocking boots. And so far the costume is coming together quite well! All I'm really missing is the shirt.

Ok, so maybe this post was not so much to "address" my problem with dressing up as characters, maybe it was more of an excuse to show off my progress shots for my newest cosplay.
But hey, can you really blame me?

Loren ♥

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