Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I saw the coolest thing ever last night.

My boyfriend is a huge Amanda Palmer fan, personally I think she is pretty cool but I wouldn't really consider myself a fan of hers, but I do love concerts. So when he got tickets to her show last night at The Theater of Living Arts on South Street in Philly, of course I agreed to go with him.

Amanda Palmer's set was pretty fun. I don't know that much about her music so I don't really have anything to base it off of. The coolest part to me was that all of the opening acts for the show were used in her backing band at one point or another.

But thats not the cool part.

The cool part was the last opening act, two guys that go by the name of Ronald Reagan 80's, Boston's Premier 80's Pop Saxophone Duo.
And its exactly what it sounds like.
They played "Don't Stop Believing," "Total Eclipse of the Heart," and "Beat It." Also one of them beat boxed.

It was really the coolest thing I've ever seen, so naturally I bought their t-shirt.
Check them out sometime, not only are they super talented, but they also are really funny.

They even deserved their own post on my blog!

Loren ♥

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