Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oops, Its been too long again!

Hello hello!
Wow its been pretty busy the last few weeks, which is honestly why I haven't been posting.

Lets see, the last thing I blogged about was going Dog Tier. And I'm super stoked to say I get to wear that cosplay to a Phillystuck meet up this weekend! Hopefully after the meet up at some point over the weekend, or next week, I'll do another make up video.
This time I figured out how to make myself look exceedingly anime, and my eyes look huge!

Teaser photo, video will be made soon
Ok, since my last post I went to Paris, France for a week.
Moved back to college.
Turned 20.
And started the new school year.

Yeah, I've been pretty busy.

Actually, on the subject of my birthday (which was yesterday), I have fantastic news! My amazing boyfriend not only took me out to dinner and showered me with love/adorned me with a tiara because I was the birthday princess, but he actually made the most amazing gift ever.
Which also aids the progress of one of my cosplays.
Yep, he made me a portal gun.

Side view
There is a whole tutorial he made for it, in case anyone wants to make one! I read through it, and honestly if I think it looks easy, anyone can do it!

Also its so cool, it lights up.

And thats what I've been up to really. Besides school. Also wanting to master the art of French cooking.
Seriously. French food is the best damn food I've ever eaten. I just want to move to Paris and eat everything all the time.
Ah well, I guess finishing my cosplays comes first!

Loren ♥

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