Thursday, March 21, 2013

Going to update my Etsy!

Wow its late, but I'm really excited to say that I've revamped my Etsy shop!
Starting this weekend, I'm going to start putting out new nail designs, as well as some stickers I've drawn myself.
Earlier tonight, the boyfriend and I did a test run on making stickers, you see I recently signed up for the redditgifts horror movie gift exchange, and I decided it'd be cool and fun to draw some custom stickers for my "giftee." I doodled out a few characters, inked, scanned, and printed them on giant shipping labels and voila! One of a kind stickers that I am actually really proud of!

There they are!
Those, along with some of the more recent nail art I've been doing, re-inspired me to start making more things for my shop!
Here is the tentative plan of what I'm going to make and sell;

  • Zombie Hero Pack: ft. Rick Grimes (the Walking Dead), Shaun (Shaun of the Dead [both pictured above]), Cherry Darling (Planet Terror), and either Lionel (Dead Alive) or Jim (28 Days Later); $5
  • Madoka Magica Soul Gems; pack of 5 for $5 or 1 for $2
  • Random assortment of horror movie villans, including the standard zombie above and Pennywise the clown (Stephen King's IT), with Kruger (A Nightmare on Elm St), Jason (Friday the 13th), Ghostface (Scream), and possibly Michael Meyers (Halloween) thrown in there. Also $5 for the pack or $2 for 1.
  • Breaking out the TARDIS in space nails again!! Those were very popular. $7
  • Madoka Magica magical girl nails, comes with a free soul gem sticker! $7
  • Standard pretty things like bows and stripes and dots...probably also $7
  • Scrap comic book nails??? Those would be closer to $10 though.
  • I will do nail commissions as well, and price them based on the design.
  • And I'll send people nail glue with their nails for an extra $2
There will be more stuff...eventually. But right now with midterms finally ending and school still in swing, this is about as much as I can handle right now.
I don't know, maybe I'll throw in some cute pony bead bracelets or something, I have a lot of beads just lying around, we shall see.

But yes, thats my update! I also redid my shop to look nicer and cleaner; you can go have a look if you'd like!
Keep checking back for updates.

Loren ♥

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